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Silver Award - Coral Magson Swim School

Silver Award

Silver Award

The Silver award is the second of 3 awards that help build the skills, style and stamina to being a competent swimmer. This award challenges the children to use a good range of skills, whilst building their stamina with a focus on good stroke style. 


The Silver award includes both a speed timed and distance swim that challenges all aspects of the swimmers development. See what we cover in our sliver award below.

Section A

  1. To plunge dive into water of at least full reach depth.
  2. To swim 100 metres in less than three minutes using any stroke. A change of stroke may only occur at the completion of a length of the pool.
  3. To tread water for two minutes with one hand behind the back.
  4. To swim 10 metres, followed immediately by two surface-dives into water of full reach depth, one head first and one feet first, bringing an object to the surface on each occasion.
  5. To scull head first on the back for 10 metres and return by sculling 10 metres feet first. A horizontal position must be maintained throughout.

Section B

  1. To swim 800 metres: 400 metres on the front and 400 metres on the back. A change of stroke may only occur every 50 metres.
  2. To climb out at the deep end without assistance.

All Swimming Awards

bronze swimming award

Bronze AwardGold swimming award

Ages 4+

A series of basic challenges that are taught and assesed earning a bronze swimming certificate.

Silver swimming awards

Silver swimming awardSilver Award

Ages  4+

A series of challenges that are taught and assesed earning a silver swimming certificate.

Gold swimming award

Gold AwardBronze

Ages 4+

A series of challenges that are taught and assesed earning a gold swimming certificate.

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